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St. George Charitable Dialysis Center
(A Project of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical Mission, Puthuppadi. In Commemoration of the Catholicate Centenary 2012)

The concept of the proposed Charitable Dialysis Center emerges from the need for dialysis facilities for a vast number of rural patients with renal failure. As we know, these patients are unable to afford the huge cost incurred in renal replacement therapy for a sustained life. It is pathetic that even in the modern era, this facility is made available mainly in cities, thus depriving the poor and weak of their livelihood.

Why Dialysis?

The human kidney filters the blood and prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body. When Kidney fails, toxins are accumulated resulting in a condition called renal failure. The patients suffer from severe tiredness and weakness associated with low blood levels and high blood pressure resulting in chronic debility and finally death. The primary modality of support is to prevent the accumulation of this toxin by using an external means called ‘Renal Dialysis’. The number of patients is growing at a tremendous rate and very few of them can afford to get into a successful transplant programme. Many of the patients are forced to depend on regular and long term dialysis.

The cost of dialysis varies from Rs 500/- to Rs 1500/- per session. On an average a renal failure patient needs 2 to 3 sessions per week. Most of the dialysis centres are attached to major hospitals in urban areas. The patients from the rural areas have to travel to and fro for their treatment twice or thrice a week incurring physical and monetary strain. This results in a number of patients withdrawing from the system and resigning themselves to lifetime misery and woes.

Under the expert supervision of the speciality doctors of St.George Charitable clinic and assisted by the local medical personnel, we give free or subsidized dialysis facility to deserving patients.Once the need for dialysis is over or when they go on to the transplant programme the patients will be referred back to their respective Nephrologists for care.

The centre is housed in a 4000sq.feet area building, situated in 1.5 acres of land.We have started the centre initially with 10 dialysis machine each costing 7Lakhs.The project cost is around 2 crores. The cost of running the centre is estimated to be around 1 Crore per year.Though a large sum, we are confident that with the Grace of God we would be able to run the centre successfully and smoothly.