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Dear Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to note that the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is launching the St. George Charitable Dialysis Centre at Puthuppadi. 

When a person is diagnosed with a serious renal problem, the patient and his/her family are affected in more than one way. On the physical side, the problem manifests itself through various symptoms, affecting routine life, while on the emotional side, it leads to a lot of stress, fear and insecurity. However, on the practical side, it is the financial burden caused by the treatment, medicines and consequent dialysis or transplant that puts the greatest amount of pressure on most families, since many patients hail from poor families.

For end-stage renal patients, dialysis is the only means of survival until a kidney transplant is done, while the its cost is not affordable for everyone. At this juncture, charitable ventures like the St. George Charitable Dialysis Centre have a very important role to play. It is highly commendable that the centre is offering dialysis at subsidized rates. I am sure it will benefit the needy patients of the locality to a great extend.
Godís kindness comes to us in forms of kindness we show to each other. My best wishes to the St. George Charitable Dialysis Centre.

Fr. Davis Chiramel
Chairman - Kidney Federation of India

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