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It is with immense pleasure I post this message and I praise and thank Almighty God for empowering St. George Orthodox Cathedral, Kozhikodu to organize St. George Charitable Dialysis Center. The alarming increase of renal disease in our society demands the immediate and effective involvement of Churches, local parishes and NGOs to support those who are suffering with such diseases. Change of life style and food habits, lack of exercise, side effects due to the use/over dosage of medicines, ignorance about body metabolism, hereditary etc are some of the reasons for the increase of renal diseases in our state. The impact of physical ailments becomes terrible if the person is financially weak. Many of the weaker sections in our society cannot afford comparatively expensive treatments of kidney diseases.

In these circumstances it is our responsibility to support the needy, hence the relevance of St. George Charitable Dialysis Centre. St. George Cathedral is always in my humble prayers since I have started my pastoral life from there as the Vicar of the Cathedral at the age of 27 and I remember with gratitude the warmth of love and care I had from the Cathedral members.

I wish all success to the project and promise to support the venture at the extent possible. May the Love, Grace and fellowship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with us all.

In Christ

Metr. Dr. Zacharias Mar Aprem

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