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Individuals & NGO
Too often in life, we wait around for someone else to initiate the changes we want to make. We doubt our own ability and become paralyzed to inaction, thinking that either we are not individually capable of bringing about the changes , or we let someone else get around to doing it.

But this inability to act alone is all in our mind, because history bears witness that the most extraordinary things were done by the most ordinary people who grabbed the opportune moment when it was presented to them.

And this individual action is certainly the need of the hour for India – the land of great contrasts! While the country has 53 billionaires, it also has 17 million child labourers. While it has a galloping GDP growth, it also has 2 million children dying before their first birthday due to the lack of immunizations and medical facilities. The financial burden of the family of a patient with end stage renal failure on chronic dialysis can be crippling to the entire family both financially and emotionally. So if you’ve ever wished to be able to do something for the greater good, the time could not be more opportune than at the moment.

Donate your skills
Less obvious to many , is that you may be able to donate a skill that you have to this charity..Whatever be your skill, plese reach out at and we will be obliged to you.

Remember! You donít have to make radical changes for your efforts to count, because the small changes make a big difference!